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house/space/showroom/building wanted

house/space/showroom/building wanted

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Published 18 of August / 06:25hs
Province England
Locality Bristol

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Dear Sir/madam,

we are a firm based in sri lanka look for spaces on a collorboartion within your premises without a rental as your contribution on profit sharing basis

1. labotory ,grafting center ,Ayurvedic health resort ,indoor farm to produce tropical vegetables,fruits, possible tropical flowers

2.. trade facilitation office and sample demostration unit for overseas buyers in Eu, and eastern Europe and to conduct export including tea, batic, wooden items, handlooms, handicrafts, semiprecious stones to Eastern Europe, Eu , USA via Uk as a gateway to adjoing countries. These proposal will benefit you and us mutually

if you are interested we will be happy to discuss further and to be present to visit once the necessary factors are organized

Thanking you

H Gunetilleke

Sri Lanka

Tele 0094112896400

Mobile 0094712329449