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It Is Good Opportunity To Show Your Telent As Assistant,Secretary,Guide For Foreign Businessman

It Is Good Opportunity To Show Your Telent As Assistant,Secretary,Guide For Foreign Businessman

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Published 04 of September / 23:17hs
Province England
Locality London

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How to apply: Please visit our under construction website tourtravelivsp dot com. Fill up online registration form which is developed just for registration of candidates. Before filling up form please visit some of candidates profile which they have already fill up before you. Once our dynamic website launch with new look and dynamic features you will start to get golden opportunity through our company.
Job Involve: To be an IVSP (International Valuable Service Provider). This is not full time job at all.
Qualification: Candidate must have good communication skill in English with minimum bachelor degree in any faculty. Knowledge of any foreign language with local language will be consider added qualification. Candidate who want to do part time job or some times want to work 2 to 3 hrs or weekend days then this is the golden opportunity for them.
Selection Procedure: After filling up online registration form by any of candidate (form is available right now on under construction tourtravelivsp dot com website). We will check how much IVSP already registered in that area? And How many IVSP can survive particular in that area? If vacancy is there and candidate is ok for service then we will approve candidate as an IVSP. After approval candidate will be appear in our forthcoming dynamic website as an IVSP.
Foreign clients will refer our website due to our lots of advertise and then send their plan to IVSP through website. IVSP will communicate with client regarding client´s plan and client requirement through website. All communication will be screen by our company employs. Means no client can send any spam messages to any IVSP. After confirmation from IVSP as well as from client we will send personal contact detail to each other.
Earning of IVSP: IVSP will communicate with our clients and understand their requirement and then send them reasonable quote for her/his service. Earning may be 50 to 400 US$ per 8 hrs. Earning in this job is very good due to two reason one "money is paid in US$" and other is "this job is not permanent". Your earning will depend on your knowledge of local geography, communication skill, knowledge of foreign language or English, knowledge of local culture, knowledge of local businesses locations