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Sell your house within 4 weeks. We stop repossession and can act fast. Rentback option usually available.

Sell your house within 4 weeks. We stop repossession and can act fast. Rentback option usually available.

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Published 19 of March / 06:40hs
Province Wales
Locality Swansea
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Need a quick house sale for any reason? We purchase property within 4 weeks and can even stop repossession on your behalf, giving you the option to rent your property back from us in most cases.

We can help in 3 ways;

1. Sell your house to us and have the cash within 28 days. (Or even as fast as a week if you need it)

2. Sell your house to us and rent it back from us to free up equity but remain in your home.

3. Sell your house to us, rent it back from us and agree a price for which you can buy it back from us at a time in the future when you are more financially able -meaning you can stay in your home and even own it again one day.

We can help every circumstance imaginable, from Divorce/Separation to Bankruptcy or repossession. You don't even need a specific reason to sell to us; all we ask is that you are serious about selling your property! We can work extremely fast when necessary or we can set a date for completion depending on your needs. We will pay up to £500 of your solicitors fees, save you the fees of the estate agent, valuation fees and home information pack fees, plus we charge no fees ourselves for our service.

We can put a stop to bankruptcy, repossession or eviction no matter how close you are to it; making us a viable solution to many people´s debt problems at the same time as allowing you to stay in your home should you choose to. If you are facing bankruptcy, repossession or eviction, please act fast to allow us as much time as possible to halt any action being taken against you. We can liaise with creditors and the courts on your behalf and they will stop proceedings if we confirm we are to purchase your property within 4 weeks to allow you to release the cash needed to pay your creditors. Please see for more details or submit an enquiry on the same site and one of our friendly advisors will give you a call to talk you through what we do a little further.

The size, condition and location of your property are not an issue -we buy residential and commercial property big and small, in every UK location.

We can make you an offer today, and there is no obligation for you to take us up on it. Simply visit and submit your enquiry to us, we will do the rest.

For more info on acheiving a fast sale of your property please visit or call 0845 053 4963 today