Should Premier League clubs fly in pre-season?

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta with the captain of the club team’s plane to the US for pre-season. The Premier League’s unrivaled global appeal has seen packed stadiums around the world this summer, with fans spread across several continents getting to see their heroes in real life. After two years of Covid-restricted travel, most English top-flight […]

Testosterone can make men cute and sociable, study shows

Testosterone is commonly thought to increase sexual urges and aggression in men, but a new study shows that it also has a soft side. In experiments, the researchers injected male gerbils with testosterone to see how they behaved with their partners. They found that the injections encouraged hugging and “friendly behavior” and primed them for […]

From twerking bears to bobbing bees: Meet the dancers of the animal kingdom

Every year, celebrities of all ages, backgrounds and talent levels show off their best forms on Strictly Come Dancing. However, some of our furry and feathered friends might have a shot at the Glitterball Trophy, with moves that really benefit them in the wild. As this year’s line-up for the TV dance competition is announced, […]

Experts reveal why rivals are finally challenging Netflix’s dominance

It has lost over a million subscribers, seen a drop in stock, and now lost its title as the world’s largest streaming giant. So it’s no surprise that some are wondering if this is the beginning of the end for Netflix. In the same way that the online video pioneer once put the final nail […]

Antarctica’s ice shelves could be melting up to 40% FASTER than we thought

Antarctica’s ice shelves could be melting up to 40 percent faster than previously thought due to coastal ocean currents, a new study warns. Scientists in California have created a new climate model that explains the impact of a coastal current called the Antarctic Coastal Current (ACC). The researchers say this narrow current causes warm water […]