Plans for giant algae farms in European waters

While most of us don’t think much of seaweed, it is an increasingly sought after crop. Its uses range from human food and additive to animal feed, soil fertilizer, an ingredient in cosmetics, as a form of bio-packaging in place of plastic, as a biofuel, and to absorb carbon dioxide. Source Link > Plans for […]

How will the humans fare against the robo-footballers?

Tech United at Eindhoven University of Technology is training robots to play football autonomously. The skills robotic players learn on the field could also help lay the groundwork for other collaborations with humans. Omar Mehtab reports for BBC Click. see more at click website Y @BBCClick. Source Link > How will the humans fare against […]

Commonwealth Games takes a big step towards esports

A trial was held at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham last weekend to see if esports could take its place alongside traditional sports such as swimming and athletics. One hundred players representing 20 different Commonwealth nations battled it out for medals in three different video games: Rocket League, Dota2 and eFootball. The trial was widely […]

High-tech and low-tech ways to tackle India’s water crisis

Around 6,000 sensors are being installed across India to collect data on lakes, reservoirs and rivers. Another 1,600 sensors will track groundwater. They will all be connected to the mobile phone network and transmit data in real time, including water levels and weather conditions such as rain, humidity and air pressure. Source Link > High-tech […]