Gwraig Jonathan Edwards AS ‘wedi’i siomi’ ar ôl iddo ddychwelyd i Blaid Cymru

“Yn ogystal, byddwn hefyd yn comisiynu adolygiad annibynnol i adnabod y camau sydd eu hangen er mwyn i’r blaid fod yn wirioneddol rydd o ddiwylliant o gasineb at fenywod, ac i hyrwyddo, amddiffyn ac ymestyn cyfranogiad menywod ym mhlawnid accywod ym mhlawnid accymrud ehangach mewn modd rhagweithiol ac ystyrlon,” meddai. Source Link > Gwraig Jonathan […]

Jonathan Edwards: Wife assaults MP to represent Plaid in Commons

Writing on the Nation Cymru website, Senedd member Sian Gwenllian, director of communications for Plaid’s National Executive Committee (NEC), said: “If an elected politician has seriously damaged our party’s integrity, credibility and reputation by contravening one of its core values, then that person should no longer represent the collective and democratic voice of our members. […]

Energy bills are forecast to top £4,200 a year

It’s not just about protecting profits; 28 providers have already pulled out in the last two years, leaving customers with a £2.7bn tab – almost £100 per household – due to their failures. On top of that, it is expected that more than £1bn of taxpayer funds will be needed to deal with the biggest […]