Bacteria ‘scissors’ to increase the hopes of patients who need a transplant

For those facing a long wait for a kidney donor, good news came yesterday with reports of a breakthrough that could mean more organs will become available. UK scientists have announced that, for the first time, they have successfully changed the blood types of three human kidneys from donors from rarer B types to type […]

Working from home DOES harm your mental health, say leading experts

Work days that bleed into the night. Endless Zoom meetings and passive-aggressive emails. Noisy neighbours, children, housework and dog walking… The delights of working from home will no doubt be familiar to many in post-lockdown Britain. Before the pandemic, only one in eight of us were homeworkers, and in many cases this was only part […]

Maternal deaths increased a staggering 68% during the COVID-19 pandemic

Another deadly cost of the pandemic: Maternal deaths increased by 68 PERCENT during COVID-19 because pregnant women avoided prenatal care, study finds The number of women who died during or as a result of childbirth increased during the first 14 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new study Deaths per 100,000 deaths increased […]